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HiSoftware and Cryptzone Merger: An Accessibility Perspective

Logos of Cryptzone and HiSoftwareA few of my friends and colleagues have reached out to me in the last week when they heard about our company’s merger with Cryptzone, a company noted for its premier solutions in the area of IT security. Was HiSoftware now a security company? Had we turned our back on accessibility? Was I looking for another job?

Rest assured: nothing has changed for the Accessibility Consulting Practice (ACP) that I direct or HiSoftware’s plans to support and grow our accessibility products. HiSoftware started as a company focused on accessibility solutions. We have strong roots in accessibility. Many of our customers come from accessibility. We have the best products and services in accessibility. We’re not going anywhere.

Data Breaches: Is Confidential Data Lurking on Your Website?

Decorative image of the word privacyIf the most powerful part of your business is your customers and therefore the data you have on them, how are you protecting it? Most companies can tell you what measures they have in place to protect data in their networks and applications, but what about websites?

Customer data is your ‘secret sauce’ as Dave Lewis, Forbes contributor puts it. In a recent Forbes article, Dave does a bit of an experiment using a search engine to find information he shouldn’t be able to find. He was on the lookout for SQL (structured query language) databases. So just how many websites did Dave find with exposed databases dated 2014?

HiSoftware Site Sheriff Version 2.0 Now Available

Logo of HiSoftwareCompanies continue to leverage SharePoint for internal and external collaboration. As a result, site administrators face many challenges including how to control content access, foster user adoption, manage large lists and build non-employee portals. Today we’ve released Site Sheriff 2.0 to solve these challenges.

Where in the World is Chris McNulty?

Headshot of Chris McNulty, HiSoftware CTOWe thought we’d have some fun this month playing where in the world is Chris McNulty? Some of you might immediately think of Where’s Waldo, others of Where in the World is Carmen San Diego, but regardless, here’s a list of where our very own Microsoft MVP will be speaking over the next month.

Interesting Times and Innovation at HiSoftware and Cryptzone

Decorative image of the better together milk and cookiesTo follow-up Kurt’s recent blog post on the merger between HiSoftware and Cryptzone, I can’t tell you how excited I am to be able to share this news with you. As you can imagine, there’s been a lot of work behind the scenes to bring our companies together, and it’s fantastic to be able to finally tell you all about it.

HiSoftware, a KMWorld Trend-Setter for the Fourth Year

Logo of KMWorld Trend-Setting Product of 2014KMWorld For the fourth consecutive year, KMWorld honored HiSoftware, on its annual list of Trend-Setting products. Editor in chief at KMWorld, Hugh McKellar, said:

Securing content in the age of stringent compliance regulation requires solutions that are innovative and solve a real problem for organizations. Site Sheriff was selected by the panel because it demonstrates thoughtful, well-reasoned innovation and execution for the most important constituency of them all: the customer.”

Better Together: HiSoftware and Cryptzone

Decorative image of the better together milk and cookiesIf you read this morning’s newswires you may have seen that HiSoftware made a significant announcement. Cryptzone, a global provider of data security and identity and access management (IAM) solutions, has acquired HiSoftware. This is an exciting time for both companies as we unite, as well as for our rapidly growing customer base.

WEBINAR: HIPAA & Secure Information Governance – Myths, Realities & Practical Solutions

Decorative image of computer chip with healthcare symbolInformation security is top of mind in light of recent high profile breaches impacting millions of consumers. If you’re a healthcare organization the need to protect patient data is paramount. The laws are getting more stringent and oversight from agencies other than HHS is around the corner. To further complicate matters, technology including the cloud and mobile, are rapidly expand the ways providers and payers share, store and access information. Keeping data safe and in compliance with not just HIPAA, but other mandates that govern personal and payment data, has become even more challenging.

GRC20/20 on Information Governance & Collaboration in Financial Services

Image of Wall Street“Collaboration and use of information has revolutionized how technology creates value for financial services firms. However, a challenge for financial services organizations is to govern information and collaboration across a distributed and dynamic environment. How does the financial services organization take advantage of the wealth of benefits that online collaboration platforms and pervasive access to information promises, while avoiding the compromise of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical business information, increased risk exposure, legal and regulatory actions?”

Excerpt from GRC20/20’s“Information Governance & Collaboration in Financial Services

Avoid the Undertow of Web Accessibility Lawsuits

Decorative image of access key on keyboardA few months ago, I was attending an IT accessibility conference.  Two of my friends, each from large software companies, mentioned how disability rights groups had recently threatened to sue them.  Of course, neither one would give many details— saying that your company discriminates against blind people isn’t the sort of thing that companies like to brag about.  They did mention, however, that they had to make changes to their website and their software.

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