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Get Your Business Ready for SharePoint 2010 Governance

Another great blog post from Mark Morrell that covers SharePoint 2010 governance:

SharePoint 2010 gives you the opportunity to upgrade your technology to meet the current and future needs of your business’ intranet.   You can make other changes to improve business effectiveness at the same time.  In my last two posts in this series I gave some tips on the user and publisher experience your business needs so it is ready to use SharePoint 2010.  This post covers governance.”

Mark highlights the need for an intranet governance framework as well as roles and responsibilities for managing and publishing information defined, agreed, and implemented for day one of SharePoint 2010.

Read more of the post here

Using the information Mark suggests, organizations can also automate the governance framework and rules for managing and publishing content. Read the SharePoint checklist for SharePoint adoption and security in 5 easy steps.

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