Top Takeaways on SharePoint and Office 365 from Ignite 2015 [MVP Webinar]

June 11, 2015 |
Chalk Board with Lessons Learned

Microsoft Ignite 2015 was a whirlwind of new ideas, exciting technology releases and insights from industry leaders. Like all big conferences it’s hard to keep up. Whether you attended or monitored via social, there are key insights you might have missed. But no worries—we have your back.

On June 2, Cryptzone joined a MVP Panel Discussion on Ignite 2015: Top Takeaways You Can’t Afford to Miss. Moderated by Christian Buckley, Office 365 MVP. The panel discussion included our very own Chris McNulty. Here are some of the questions and responses summarized:

SharePoint On-Premises, Hybrid or in the Cloud

SharePoint was a key theme at Ignite this year. With the combination of the announcement of SharePoint Server 2016 and the clear message out of Redmond that they will continue to support on premises environments, the question asked was if there is a second life to SharePoint?

The overall feedback – SharePoint is here to stay whether it is on-premises, in the cloud or a hybrid approach. During the webinar, panelists discussed how many organization plan to move workloads into the cloud for a true hybrid environment making the most of both on-premises and the cloud.

This message was reinforced in a Microsoft® Office 365 and SharePoint survey conducted with TechValidate and Cryptzone. Key findings showed that Office 365 adoption is high and SharePoint Online is growing. When looking at SharePoint usage, 39% are using SharePoint 2013, 29% are still using SharePoint 2010; SharePoint Online adoption is growing at 16%.

However, for those companies using a hybrid approach, meaning they have both Office 365 and on-premises farms, respondents were not sure how long they would maintain an on-premises environment.

Office 365 Groups & Administrations

Another question asked during the webinar was how does the expansion of Office 365 Groups impact the administrators role when it comes to things like permissions, management, auditing and compliance?

One respondent mentioned that end-users can create groups and by default they are public. His comment: “Oh boy, this is going to be interesting.”

When you are talking about permissions, as of right now, it is not granular and internal users can invite someone from the outside to access information. The result? Potentially huge gaps in security because end-users can open the doors to a secure Office 365 environment.

The TechValidate survey conducted showed that a majority of organizations (54%) believe there is enough built-in security to store confidential documents in Office 365. That said, 34% said they are not planning to store confidential information in Office 365. The reality is that sensitive data is going to make its way to cloud platforms, whether you endorse it or not. The SharePoint capabilities of Office 365 make is simple to create content and share it with a global audience. However, ease of collaboration and the resulting upsurge of content also come with increased risk.

The key is to apply granular security controls around content to limit the damage that can be done by unfettered collaboration. Enterprises need to understand where users save sensitive data and who’s using it, so it can automatically be secured.

To read more results from the TechValidate survey on Office 365, download the report.

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