CSA Summit Boston 2017: Accelerating Business with Secure Cloud Adoption

March 22, 2017 |
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The first one-day, Boston, Cloud Security Alliance Summit is just two weeks away. On April 5th, 2017, join like-minded security and IT professionals as we discuss the cloud revolution and how to accelerate business through secure cloud adoption.

If you’re in the process of moving to the cloud, this is a great opportunity to meet with peers, listen to several presentations and hear the latest updates from the Cloud Security Alliance. Register here.

Startups and small companies are embracing the cloud to level the playing field and achieve more with limited capital. Medium and large organizations are realizing the financial and productivity benefits driving them to make the leap. Traditionally sensitive or mission critical functions across industries are moving workloads and data to the cloud to focus on their core strengths and better compete.

But, what about security and compliance? How can you meet compliance requirements? What about loss of control? By attending the CSA Boston Chapter Summit, you’ll learn how workloads in “the cloud” can be as, or even more, secure than whatever traditionally lived comfortably behind the network perimeter. After all, the perimeter isn’t what it used to be with the explosion of mobile and interconnected services.

This Summit will help attendees envision ways to accelerate their businesses while at the same time ensuring protection of what matters most to them.

Here are some of the featured topics and speakers:

A Long Journey to Cloud Enlightenment

Speaker: Nathan McBride, CIO, AMAG Pharmaceuticals

Nate McBride, CIO and SVP at AMAG Pharmaceuticals, will share his company’s long and innovative journey to becoming a cloud-first/cloud only company, the myriad obstacles they overcame along the way and show us why there is still such a long way to go. His insights as a pharma “cloud” CIO cut across all industries and platforms and provide context to your ongoing or upcoming cloud strategies and initiatives. Nate will also bring to light how security has played a central role in this journey and how a company can maintain a strong risk profile while still delivering on innovation in an ever-evolving cloud security paradigm.

Demystifying the BlockChain

Speaker: Paul Brassil, Vice President, Information Technology, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Blockchain is an emerging distributed ledger technology with a potential far beyond the cryptocurriences like Bitcoin that were first launched on the blockchain. The blockchain’s trustless, distributed database promises to disrupt everything from identity management to securities trading, and the latest development in “smart contracts” will make it easier for application developers to build on the blockchain. Attendees will learn the fundamentals of blockchain at this session as well as hear how the Boston Fed is evaluating the blockchain business and development space.

Have Your Cake and Eat it Too: Running a Cloud-Powered Business With Greater Security? Speaker: JD Sherry, Vice President. Cloud Security & Strategy, Optiv

As more organizations adopt the cloud for its proven benefits, how do you stay ahead of the curve and the competition? The answer lies in how well you manage your cloud without sacrificing agility for greater security or vice versa. Getting the best of both worlds means to discover the unknowns, to see security as a fabric or path instead of piecemeal projects and to create cohesion across IT, Information Security and Dev/Ops teams within your company. In this session, you will learn the security challenges in running a cloud-powered business and how to apply a holistic approach to security so you can proactively secure and operationalize your business at the speed of cloud.

In addition to presentations, panel discussion topics include:

  • Exposing Mission Critical Services without putting your Business at Risk
  • Closing the Cloud Infrastructure Security Readiness Gap
  • Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) fireside chat with Peter Ridgley, Founder & President, Verterim and John Yeoh, Director of Research, Americas at Cloud Security Alliance.

The Summit is sure to provide your organization with actionable information to make your journey to the cloud a success.

Register here: https://csacongress.org/event/summit-boston-2017/

  • Date: Wed 5 April 2017, 09:00 – 18:00 EDT
  • Location: Marriott Boston Newton Hotel, 2345 Commonwealth Avenue, Newton, MA 02466
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