Leo Taddeo on CNBC Discussing WannaCry Ransomware: New Security Measures are Needed

June 8, 2017 |
Leo Taddeo on CNBC Discussing WannaCry Ransomware New Security Measures are Needed

Leo Taddeo, Chief Information Security Officer of Cyxtera Technologies discusses the recent WannaCry Ransomware attacks in May of 2017 on CNBC Squawk Alley.

In this broadcast, Leo discusses why he believes this attack was predictable in the aftermath of tools being stolen from the NSA earlier in the year. He comments on why we are seeing activity that is preventable, but takes a lot of work to prevent. Leo also discusses why this had a greater impact than what people first thought due to its being carried out by a deliberate, organized and strategic group of cyber attackers.

To overcome these issues, Leo discusses why organizations must replace their perimeter-based security systems in place now with a new approach, such as a Software-Defined Perimeter.

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Limiting malware in your network

While we’re never going to be able to prevent malware from obtaining a foothold in our organizations, we absolutely can limit its “blast radius”. WannaCry is a horrific example of why network access needs to be treated as a privilege – the damage we’re seeing is the direct result of leaving network access controls too open and too unmanaged.

Organizations need to act now, and to aggressively put in place active policies around “who can access what, and under which conditions,” and have this enforced through automated policies at the network level. Automation is key – enterprise environments are simply too complex, heterogeneous, and dynamic for this to be attempted manually.

Security teams need to look at new, dynamic approaches such as the Software-Defined Perimeter. This security architecture not only treats network access as granted on a zero-trust or “need-to-know” basis, it automatically adjusts user access based on policies and context.

Learn more about preventing wildfires with a software-defined perimeter.

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