Former FBI Agent Discusses New Trends in Security Threats with Dark Reading

August 24, 2016 |
Former FBI Agent Discusses New Trends in Security Threats with Dark Reading

Recently Dark Reading sat down with Leo Taddeo, Cryptzone CSO and Former FBI Special Agent in Charge of Special Operations. They discussed new trends in security threats, if adversaries are becoming more sophisticated, why prevention not detection strategies are needed and the evolving security threats. Leo also discussed what drew him to Cryptzone and how we help customers prevent adversaries from exploiting weak points within an enterprise.


In this 12-minute video, listen to Dark Reading speak to Leo on:

  • The evolving cyber-threat sophistication from Nation States
  • Why the public cloud (AWS, Azure, etc.) provides security advantages
  • Skills CSO’s need to succeed
  • What CSO’s are asking their security vendors to provide

Not able to watch? Here are a few snippets from the interview.

As a former FBI agent, what are you seeing as some of the new trends in security threats lately?

Leo: I think the breakout trend is the activity of nation states today. Many years ago, not even 10 years ago, we knew that nation states were developing the capability, but it was a tool that they had in their arsenal but were not willing to deploy. Now we see, in many cases, nation states are the most active adversary and are experimenting with new tools, techniques and new ways of influencing US policy through a cyber-attack. I think what’s also troubling is that criminal groups are adopting the same tools and techniques and the gap between deployment by a nation state and deployment by a criminal group, in terms of time and quality, is shrinking.

Let’s discuss adversaries and nation states becoming more of a threat than they had been in the past. Are they also becoming more sophisticated?

Leo: Certainly. We see nation states, some of the top players being Russia and China, moving from traditional malware tools to attacking the human element within an organization, to attacking the supply-chain. So it’s not just the ones and zeros part of an attack that’s sophisticated, it’s also the development of exploitations of other weak points within an enterprise.

The focus for Cryptzone is prevention, not detection?

Leo: Well, we see ourselves as providing both prevention and detection because we have a very robust logging feature. So by logging user activity and by monitoring user activity, we also have a detection function but we see our primary role as maintaining the integrity of the network rather than trying to pick up signatures or defend the perimeter.

There’s a huge evolution in enterprise IT and that’s the move to the cloud. What advice does Cryptzone, do you, have for customers who have moved to the cloud, might be working with Amazon Web Services, etc. What would you tell them?

Leo: We think there’s great benefit to moving to the cloud, we think there are great security benefits to moving to the could but it has to be managed properly. The traditional threats that face an on premises infrastructure also are pointed against cloud infrastructures so you are not only facing traditional threats like insider threats and application access vulnerability and application vulnerability, you’re facing some new threats including the employees of the cloud service provider. Now, many of the biggest cloud service providers are very good at security. So, it’s a “buyer beware”, it’s a shared responsibility between the cloud service provider and the tenant and it’s something that security professionals need to understand as they migrate to the cloud in order to gain those efficiencies.

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Paul Campaniello

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He has held several senior marketing and sales positions including CMO/VP of Marketing at ScaleBase, Mendix, Lumigent, ComBrio and Savantis. Prior to Savantis, he was at Precise Software, where he helped build Precise from a startup to $100 million prior to going public and being acquired by VERITAS for $640 million.

Paul holds both a BS and an MBA from Bentley University.

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