Malicious Insiders, Over-Privileged Users, and Compromised Third-Party Access, Oh My!

April 3, 2017 |
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Increasing cyber threats from malicious insiders, over-privileged users, and compromised third-party users are problems that traditional, network-centric security solutions are ineffective against.

Yet the combination of IT diversification (enterprise resources, applications, databases and infrastructure spanning multiple platforms, tenancy and locations) and a lack of a defined network perimeter (work habits have changed as people work outside the perimeter, meaning a new model is needed).

Gartner and Forrester advocate that customers should investigate Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) technology. Gartner specifically says:

Favor software-defined perimeters (SDP) and other isolation technologies capable of precise, context-based, application-level access only after successful authentication.

Software-Defined Perimeter Defined

The Software-Defined Perimeter is a security architecture developed by members of the Cloud Security Alliance, and is designed to provide on-demand, dynamically provisioned secure network segmentation for user access. A Software-Defined Perimeter solution ensures that all endpoints attempting to access a given infrastructure are authenticated and authorized prior to being able to access any resources on the network. All unauthorized network resources are made inaccessible. This not only applies the principle of least privilege to the network, it also reduces the attack surface area by hiding network resources from unauthorized or unauthenticated users. A Software-Defined Perimeter overcomes the constraints of traditional tools by effectively creating a dynamic, individualized perimeter for each user – a network segment of one.

SDP to Prevent Malicious Insiders, Over-Privileged Users, and Compromised Third-Party Access

To learn more about how a Software-Defined Perimeter protects against malicious insiders, over-privileged users and compromised third-party access, join the Cryptzone webinar and learn how to:

  • Implement the Software-Defined Perimeter zero-trust security model.
  • Render network assets invisible to non-authorized users.
  • Enforce the principle of “least privilege”.
  • Use fine-grained policies built on user-identity and user-context.

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Paul Campaniello

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Paul holds both a BS and an MBA from Bentley University.

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