SageNet Reduces PCI Scope and Effort with Cryptzone’s AppGate

October 12, 2016 |

SageNet manages a multi-tenant PCI data network for over 300 enterprises operating across 160,000 US convenience store, retail, healthcare, financial and energy companies, as well as public utilities, state lotteries and government agencies. As a leading managed network solutions partner backed by more than three decades of hands-on experience in the world’s most sophisticated networks, SageNet has the assets and infrastructure to support networks of all sizes. SageNet has an integrated private network, three US-based state-of-the-art 24/7 Network Management and Operations Centers, and a nationwide field service and support organization.

SageNet Requirement to Reduce Scope of PCI and Streamline Audit Process

Hosting and supporting credit card processing equipment in a multi-tenant, collocated data center requires securing, managing, and auditing both customer and system admin access to customer systems. With the PCI audit process becoming increasingly more challenging, SageNet initially sought to just reduce the scope of PCI and streamline audit processes. After an internal security assessment, however, SageNet decided to use this opportunity to deploy an innovative approach to network security – one which could balance the often conflicting security, compliance, and user access requirements. They envisioned a new security platform, which would enable them to:

  • Support end-to-end encryption between users and managed devices
  • Broadly deploy multi-factor authentication and eliminate shared credentials
  • Enable detailed logging of user access and activities
  • Leverage role and attribute-based access control to network services
  • Create fine-grained network segmentation and reduce the scope of PCI audits
  • Eliminate security issues including Jump Host, shared accounts, and weak authentication

SageNet Reduces PCI Scope and Effort with AppGate

Cryptzone’s AppGate Solves SageNet’s PCI Requirements

SageNet selected Cryptzone’s AppGate, enabling them to adopt a software-defined perimeter (SDP) approach that delivers highly granular access control and detailed logging of user access and activities to efficiently feed audit request data needs. AppGate provides dynamic, user-centric access control, creating an individualized network ‘segment of one’, based on simple policies.

AppGate’s context-aware security platform ensures that users can only access those network services and applications to which they’re specifically entitled – via a secure, encrypted tunnel between users and authorized network resources. Because everything else on the network is invisible and unreachable, SageNet was able to significantly reduce the scope, effort, and cost of their PCI audit.

SageNet and Cryptzone: Improved Security, Saved Time and Money

SageNet realized their vision, and solved their and their customers’ problems with an innovative network security solution, AppGate, which provides a Software-Defined Perimeter solution. With this new security platform, SageNet was not only able to improve security, but also save time and money. Because this platform provides per-user network segmentation, PCI audits have been reduced in scope; reducing time and effort required to collecting infrastructure and system information by more than 50%. In addition, onboarding new customer cardholder data environments has been reduced from 3 weeks to 2 days.

Finally, this new secure network access has been packaged into a value-add service that SageNet’s customers can purchase. This has created a new and growing revenue source for the business, initiated and enabled by the security team.

Read the full case study to see SageNet’s process before and after AppGate.

SageNet Reduces PCI Scope and Effort with AppGate

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Vice President of Products, Cryptzone
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