SAP Security Tutorial: Why a Software-Defined Perimeter to Secure SAP is Essential

May 10, 2017 |
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Running your business on SAP or SAP HANA? Struggling with striking the balance between SAP security and keeping business users productive?

SAP or SAP HANA contains your company’s crown jewels – sensitive data, customer information, employee data and more. The loss of this data or any downtime would be disastrous.

SAP Security Rests on Your Shoulders

The security of your SAP environments rest on your company’s shoulders. Sure, SAP provides hundreds of patches or security notes per year, but it’s the responsibility of each organization to implement these patches, abide by security notes and secure the SAP system from would-be hackers.

SAP doesn’t offer anything to secure access to the system itself. Instead, (like most other environments), SAP simply uses access privileges set up on each SAP application. SAP recommends customers look to third parties to enhance the gateway controls.

Authenticate First, Connect Second – A Software-Defined Perimeter Secures SAP Environments

With such precious resources stored in your SAP environment, it’s essential to enforce security criteria before granting access.

And that’s where a Software-Defined Perimeter solution delivers secure access to SAP environments.

A Software-Defined Perimeter is a network security model that dynamically creates one-to-one network connections between users and the data they access. It ensures that all endpoints attempting to access a given infrastructure are authenticated and authorized prior to being able to access any SAP resources. All unauthorized network resources are made inaccessible and invisible to the user.

A Software-Defined Perimeter security architecture provides strong network access control with dynamic identity-centric access policies. With this approach, you can define simple policies which distinguish and control business, developer, and admin access to SAP, without impeding user productivity. You can easily report on who accessed what, and streamline your compliance reporting burden. And, because access is controlled at the network level, you’re completely hiding your SAP system from all unauthorized users – significantly reducing the attack surface.

Want to learn more? Download the datasheet or register for the webinar Why a Modern Approach to Securing SAP is essential to Reduced Risks on Tuesday, May 23rd – 9am New York / 3pm Berlin. By attending, you’ll learn how to:

  • Make SAP applications and systems invisible to any unauthorized users.
  • Secure SAP from malicious insiders, over-privileged users, and targeted attacks.
  • Shield HANA from internet vulnerabilities.
  • Drive consistent access control policy across on-premises and cloud-based SAP landscapes.
  • Integrate with existing SAP single sign-on, identity and threat solutions.

Register here.

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