Brainspace Secures AWS Cloud Access with AppGate

January 12, 2016 |
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Brainspace is a recognized leader in creating enterprise software to derive meaning from unstructured data using natural language processing. Their solutions are based on a large-scale machine learning platform which creates a collective intelligence based on the people, actions and knowledge within an organization. The company is reinventing how organizations discover and exchange knowledge. Their customers include the Fortune 500, leading strategic consulting firms and government agencies.

Brainspace had three main requirements:

1. Unified Access Control Compatible with Cloud Technology

Brainspace is a fast-growing enterprise software company that utilizes a cloud-based infrastructure platform to deliver their SaaS solution. Brainspace needed a technology that was compatible and worked with their infrastructure, particularly to control all access to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Brainspace had previously been using decentralized user identification systems, but needed a more comprehensive solution to support the evolving infrastructure.

2. Granular Policy Control and Enforcement

It was important for Brainspace to enforce policy and have granular controls given the nature of the business and the necessity for managing access for multiple employee, customer and vendor user groups. The need to further segregate resources was essential, especially within their privileged user community, whether resources were being accessed remotely or within the network perimeter. Brainspace also needed to better manage policy controls without an enterprise desktop management control system.

3. Security Audit Requirements

Brainspace also needed to meet audit requirements and complete certifications required by their end customers. They were searching for a simple to deploy, integrated security solution to increase the sophistication of their overall security program.

The Solution

Brainspace selected Cryptzone’s AppGate, enabling them to adopt a software-defined perimeter approach to deliver highly granular access control. AppGate is flexible and scalable, which made it easy to deploy and manage, while being cost effective.

“We wanted to strengthen the comprehensiveness of our security program without increasing the complexity of managing our environment. AppGate was the only choice that could meet these two objectives,” said Todd Steitle Chief Operating Officer at Brainspace Corporation.

AppGate makes the application/server infrastructure effectively “invisible” and provides a unified way to control access, whether resources are on-premises or in the cloud. It verifies a number of user variables, during each session, and only then delivers access to authorized resources and applications. Once the user logs out, the secure tunnel disappears. Additional security requirements can be enforced, or access denied, based on device location and device or user attributes.

Initially brought in for auditing, AppGate provided a way for Brainspace to simply and reliaby enforce access policy. It also provided unified access control across cloud and on-premises resources, a strong ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) solution for the numerous kinds of devices being used by employees, and granular access controls for numerous roles within employee, vendor and customer groups.

AppGate was an easy choice for Brainspace, because of its compatibility with AWS and its ability to deliver unified access control independent from the underlying network infrastructure. With a very high percentage of mobile users, it was also critical for Brainspace to have a solution that would improve security for their BYOD users. AppGate’s Mobile Access Protect (MAP) addresses this issue.

AppGate is the comprehensive, reliable solution Brainspace was looking for. It provides an easy, integrated full security solution that dynamically evaluates a number of factors on a session-by-session basis – including contextual variables such as device, location, time, and user directory group membership and configuration – before provisioning access. In addition, AppGate makes the application/server infrastructure effectively “invisible” to ensure users only have access to authorized resources.

To read more about Brainspace’s selection of Cryptzone’s AppGate, download the full case study.

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Jason Garbis

Vice President of Products, Cryptzone
Jason Garbis is Vice President of Products for Cryptzone, where he's responsible for the company's product strategy and product management. Garbis has over 25 years of experience with technology vendors, including roles in engineering , professional services, product management, and marketing. Jason joined Cryptzone from RSA, and holds a CISSP certification.

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