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February 16, 2017 |
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Another great day to be at the RSA conference here in San Francisco! Here are a few highlights from the day’s activities:

Security as a Service: You can add this one to the 2017 trends to watch page. Information security as a service offering will become more and more prevalent this year and in the future. Honestly, if you are attending a conference like RSA, you already understand the importance of information security as part of your overall business and IT strategy. But can your company really afford to have a dedicated team of security professionals? Many companies cannot, and there are a number of vendors taking advantage of this need – anything from a vCISO to an internal IT auditor to day-to-day SOC management. Quality security staffing is no longer a “big company only” thing.


Integrations Everywhere: Another interesting comment that shows the continued shift in how companies view technology, and specifically security – multi-vendor integrations for security products. Once upon a time, there was an expectation (an unrealistic one, but still) that your security company could do it all – event management, firewalls, IAM, SIEM, you name it. Now, companies are understanding that no one company is going to solve all of your security (or technology in general) needs. That’s OK, but they need to be able to be integrated with one another and preferably managed from a central console or dashboard. They would prefer a company have the ability to do a couple of things VERY well, than to do everything in a shoddy manner.  Personally, I’m glad to see this trend finally taking hold.


Networking Opportunities EVERYWHERE: I personally love coming to these kinds of events. Where else can you get 40,000 security folks all in a contained space, most of which are passionate about information security and love talking about it with anyone who will listen? Literally, walking back (the long way) to the hotel this evening, and overheard someone with missive concerns about quantum computing breaking their encryption.  I guess I look like a security guy (the beard is a dead giveaway, I guess), because they immediately turned to me and asked what I thought.  30+ minutes later, I had made a couple of great contacts who will likely be great resources later on. No – none of us were trying to sell the others anything. Just a free exchange of ideas and opinions on security topics and strategies.


The expo closes on Thursday at 3:00, so there is still time to make it to the Cryptzone booth (South Expo 407) to win some swag – Raspberry Pis, t-shirts, and all manner of other cool stuff.  Stop by and say hello, join in the conversation about anything security related with one of us in the booth! We would love to see you!

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Chris Steffen

Christopher Steffen joined Cryptzone in October 2016 as the Technical Director to educate and promote information security and regulatory compliance as it relates to network access management and cloud computing solutions. Before joining the team at Cryptzone, Chris served as the Chief Evangelist – Cloud Security for Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). He has also served in executive roles as the Director of Information Technology at Magpul Industries (a plastics manufacturing company) and as the Principal Technical Architect for Kroll Factual Data (a credit service provider). Steffen has presented at numerous conferences and has been interviewed by multiple online and print media sources. Steffen holds several technical certifications, including CISSP and CISA.

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