Cryptzone, a Hot, Cool, Leader in Network Security Says Industry Experts

July 20, 2016 |

It is one thing to consider yourself a leader in your space, but it is another thing when not one, not two, but three industry sources name you a leader in network security within one week.

Out this week, CRN named Cryptzone as one of the 10 Coolest Network Security Products of 2016! CRN said that the network security market is growing alongside the overall security market, but that new solutions are evolving around advanced persistent threats, threat isolation, software-defined security and the cloud. Commenting on Cryptzone, Associate Editor, Sarah Kuranda at CRN wrote:

Based in Waltham, Mass., Cryptzone is a growing network security startup that provides context-aware data protection and user access for both infrastructure and applications. While the company isn’t new to the market, its technology hits on an exploding market right now for data and application security, something that has led the company to see significant growth in recent months and attract new executives to grow marketing, services and finances. Cryptzone has also been pushing big into the channel, adding former Dimension Data VP Tina Gravel as channel chief and rolling out an enhanced partner program late last year.

Not only did Cryptzone become one of the ‘cool kids’ this week in network security, in addition, Business Insider reported on Let’s Talk Payments list of the hottest mobile security companies right now. The first named on that list is Cryptzone included as a “leader in network security and protection, offering data security, content governance and app security solutions for data protection.”

Business Insider said that the “increasing presence of the Internet of Things (IoT) means more connected devices are in the world, which provides even more access points for hackers to wreak havoc. But in response, several mobile security companies have emerged to fight the threat, and they’re ready to break out in a major way.”

Finally, Sramana Mitra founder of One Million by One Million (1M/1M) spoke with Cryptzone CSO Leo Taddeo in a two part series on Cyber Security thought leaders. Sramana and Taddeo discussed how we are on the cusp of a shift in thinking from traditional perimeter defense tactics and solutions to a more fine-grained approach of creating perimeters around the users and resources in what we call a segment of one. Taddeo highlighted that while competition is fierce, Cryptzone offers a great value in protecting the interior and preventing the adversary, once entered, from navigating within networks. Read the two part series on the 1M/1M blog.

Cryptzone Part of the Cool Crowd

Of course it is fun to be part of the cool crowd, but what’s more important is the recognition by industry leaders that Cryptzone is redefining the network security space offering enterprise organizations a way to enhance network access control so that only the right people can access information on your network. The result? Organizations can adopt a software-defined perimeter approach for granular security control.

Learn more about Cryptzone’s solutions for secure access or download our latest white paper on increasing network security.

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Paul Campaniello

Paul Campaniello is the Chief Marketing Officer for Cryptzone where he is responsible for worldwide marketing strategy, execution and sales support. Paul has over 25 years of experience with software startup companies.

He has held several senior marketing and sales positions including CMO/VP of Marketing at ScaleBase, Mendix, Lumigent, ComBrio and Savantis. Prior to Savantis, he was at Precise Software, where he helped build Precise from a startup to $100 million prior to going public and being acquired by VERITAS for $640 million.

Paul holds both a BS and an MBA from Bentley University.

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