Cyberattack Response and Prevention: Why Traditional Defenses Are Not Enough

September 20, 2016 |
Cyberattack Response Prevention - Why Traditional Defenses Are Not Enough

During a featured BrightTALK webinar, Leo Taddeo recently discussed Cyberattack Response and Prevention: Why Traditional Defenses Are Not Enough.

Leo’s unique perspective blends his law enforcement, security, and technology vendor viewpoint. Leo’s presentation covers:

  • Top cyber threats facing the enterprise
  • Public/private partnerships and working with law enforcement
  • Why traditional signature and perimeter-based defenses are not enough

Advanced Persistent Threats

We are seeing an uptake in advanced persistent threats (APT). These cyberattacks are seen as low-risk, asymmetrical weapons against the United States. Threats are coming from Russia, North Korea and Iran. We need to understand that the nation state APT is here to stay and will present a greater challenge moving forward.

APT Vectors and Malware

The commonality of the threats is in the techniques these adversaries employ. Most common are spear phishing attacks, watering hole attacks and drive-by download malware attacks. There are ways to train employees, but as a security professional, it isn’t enough to train users and have them only click on links 10% vs. 90% of the time. It still exposes you to risk. When looking at the main attacks, it’s apparent that they focus on user behavior.

Tools also need to be put in place to protect against remote access.  Listen to the webinar to hear Leo’s advice.

The Application Security View vs. the Network Security View

We spend a lot of time looking at what employees need access to – whether on-premises or in the cloud.

The Application Security View

But that’s not how the network or adversaries see access rights. Once access is gained, employees or adversaries can get access to more resources than they have rights to view.

The Network Security View

There is a gap between the network security view and application security view. This gap presents a challenge for security professionals as the adversary can exploit the theft, or compromised details of a user, leveraging those details to gain access to other resources on the network. The problem is that traditional security architectures have fallen short.

Watch the BrightTALK presentation now and download the slides to learn more about why these technologies have fallen short. You’ll gain important advice from the expert on how to secure the network perimeter. Watch the talk now.

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