How a Software-Defined Perimeter Improves Network Security

April 28, 2016 |

Traditional network security tools grant users too much access creating a serious security gap for many organizations. A typical user may be authorized to access only a few resources across the enterprise, but from a network perspective can see, and send packets to, every service running on every server on the network. This is even more of a problem as organizations move to dynamic cloud-based infrastructures. And once an attacker obtains a foothold, they quickly exploit vulnerabilities to escalate privileges, traverse the network, and gain access to the organization’s crown jewels.

Jason Garbis, Cryptzone’s VP of Product talked about this issue recently during a Cloud Security Alliance webinar to help educate IT security teams on how using a Software-Defined Perimeter approach can stop attackers from accessing an organization’s crown jewels.

What is a Software-Defined Perimeter?

A Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) helps solve these issues by effectively creating an individualized perimeter for each user – a network ‘segment of one’. This segment of one delivers fine-grained authorization, contextual awareness and fewer hard-coded rules for IT and security teams to manage.

Cryptzone Software-Defined Perimeter

During the webinar we asked three survey questions and the results were interesting.

1. Third of People Dissatisfied with Network Security Solutions

Of the responses, a third were satisfied with their network security solutions. Another third were neutral towards their solutions. And a final third were dissatisfied. It’s the two thirds I take interest in, that’s a lot of people who think they’re at risk.

2. Cloud Access Control #1 for Software-Defined Perimeter Solutions

When asked where attendees wanted to apply a Software-Defined Perimeter, 50% named cloud access control as the top area followed by VPN replacement, privileged user access and third party access all at 13%.

3. People want Software-Defined Perimeter Solutions

88% of webinar attendees are likely to using Software-Defined Perimeter solutions demonstrating a clear need in the market for network security solutions that establish one perimeter for each user creating that ‘segment of one’.

At Cryptzone, we are seeing great adoption of SDPs. And it’s only set to increase. Customers, partners and prospects increasingly want to apply a SDP approach to secure environments – both on-premises and cloud-based IaaS for DevOps, as well as for VPN replacements, privileged user and third-party access.

To learn more about a Software-Defined Perimeter, watch a short video on Closing the Security Gap with a “Segment of One.” Want more information?

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Philip Marshall

As Cryptzone’s Director of Product Marketing, Phil Marshall brings over 14 years of experience in both product and services marketing as well as 10 + years experience in the high-tech publishing space with publications including Dr. Dobb’s Journal and Byte magazine. Prior to joining Cryptzone, Phil worked at security firms Rapid7, Positive Technologies and RSA. He also was a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Black Duck, the leading open source governance and management firm.

A speaker at recent (ISC)2 conferences and ISACA, he’s participated in numerous webinars, in panel discussions and presented on topics including Identity Security, Application Security and Open Source Governance and Management.

Marshall earned a BA at Bates College and an MBA, cum laude, at the F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College.

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