Traditional Network Access Security: There is a Better Way

April 5, 2016 |
Dynamic, Policy-Based Access Control with AppGate XDP

Enterprises and employees have become more application- and service-centered to support day-to-day business demands. Dispersed, global teams conducting business from anywhere, anytime results in increased workforce mobility, distributed systems, and widely networked, on-demand computing environments. This adds layers of complexity to enterprise networks and puts critical data at risk. At the same time, enterprise IT and security teams are expected to deliver more applications, faster, and ensure availability from anywhere, 24/7 while maintaining a high security profile and meeting compliance and audit requirements.

Not only do employees need to access critical business data and resources, but customers, partners, third-party contractors and vendors have continuous requirements for access as well. Combined with increasingly complex systems and lack of resources, it’s difficult for IT teams to be agile and flexible when delivering services to the business. This creates a challenge when trying to provide comprehensive access control at a granular level and support a growing BYOD culture. One size doesn’t fit all and enterprises need a flexible, scalable solution that meets the specific needs of their business and disperse workforce.

Traditional security and remote access tools like VPNs, next generation firewalls and Network Access Control (NAC) solutions provide all-or-nothing access control, typically offering carte-blanche access to all authenticated users. These tools don’t address the potential for insider threats, stolen credentials, or successful phishing. Organizations often attempt to address these issues by applying multiple security tools, but the end result is a patchwork of silos, each one only solving a minor part of the broader challenge, imposing administrative overhead and requiring extensive manual activities. The result is that organizations are no more secure than before. Adding more tools and systems doesn’t automatically improve security; in fact they often add complexity which can actually reduce security.

What if there were another way? What if IT teams could provide unified, granular access control to applications, services and infrastructure, regardless of location, whether on-premises or in the cloud? What if you could apply the same level of access control scrutiny to devices brought into the environment by third-parties, contractors, or even your own employees? What if you could make the network ‘invisible’, cloaking the full network and only granting visibility and access to the applications and services that users need to do their job?

Cryptzone’s AppGate® XDP enables business agility and flexibility to adapt to the dynamic demands of the workforce, customers and the business to be competitive on a global scale. By providing a comprehensive, centralized approach to secure access control, enterprises can provide more flexibility in how employees, customers, partners, and third-parties access and interact with their most critical resources. AppGate XDP provides real-time access on a need-to-know basis, and enables a unified way to control access while maintaining a high security profile.

Enterprises leveraging AppGate XDP can improve security, maintain productivity, reduce operational costs and be more flexible and efficient in delivering services and applications that keep your business running.

Download the whitepaper, Dynamic, Policy-Based Access Control with AppGate XDP to learn how to reduce the attack surface area with an individualized network ‘segment of one.’

Individualize Network Access to Only the Resources Each User is Authorized to Use. Learn How. Get the white paper.

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Jason Garbis

Vice President of Products, Cryptzone
Jason Garbis is Vice President of Products for Cryptzone, where he's responsible for the company's product strategy and product management. Garbis has over 25 years of experience with technology vendors, including roles in engineering , professional services, product management, and marketing. Jason joined Cryptzone from RSA, and holds a CISSP certification.

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