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HiSoftware at First SharePoint Saturday in Bulgaria

SharePoint Saturday Bulgaria LogoMicrosoft Certified Master for SharePoint 2010 and HiSoftware’s partner, Onebit’s Radi Atanassov will present at the first SharePoint Saturday Bulgaria, tomorrow Saturday June 22.

Radi is one of the few people in the world holding the Microsoft Certified Master for SharePoint 2010 certificate and as a result Microsoft has trained him to tackle every SharePoint challenge no matter how global, diverse or technical it is. So if you have a challenge – he is up for it.

Radi will present a Vendor Product Showcase on ‘How to solve your compliance and security issues with HiSoftware SharePoint solutions’ at 1:30 pm. During the discussion he’ll showcase how compliance and security can ensure you are maximizing your SharePoint collaborative opportunity. Radi will ask:

  • Does your SharePoint solution meet the compliance and security requirements of your industry?
  • Do you know how much confidential and security information is stored in SharePoint?
  • How do you track all the regulations and policies that govern information security within your environment?
  • Do you isolate information leakage, social discussion policy breaches, accessibility issues, privacy content or other sensitive information?

Get Your Business Ready for SharePoint 2010 Governance

Another great blog post from Mark Morrell that covers SharePoint 2010 governance:

SharePoint 2010 gives you the opportunity to upgrade your technology to meet the current and future needs of your business’ intranet.   You can make other changes to improve business effectiveness at the same time.  In my last two posts in this series I gave some tips on the user and publisher experience your business needs so it is ready to use SharePoint 2010.  This post covers governance.”

SharePoint Security: The Security, Compliance and Risk Case


With SharePoint serving as a centralized collaboration platform, it is the unknown security risks that can really hurt the organization.


HiSoftware at SharePoint SpeakOut

You might be wondering what SharePoint SpeakOut is all about. SharePoint SpeakOuts are meant for SharePoint Users to hear from their peers about how they are using SharePoint; what is working, what is not, and how these customers have made their SharePoint Implementations a success.

Next Thursday, June 14, 2012 from 2:00PM – 7:00PM HiSoftware will join Axceler and other sponsors at the Microsoft NERD Center, One Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA 02142 for a half day seminar designed for SharePoint Users to discuss SharePoint issues that many of you may be tackling.

BT’s SharePoint 2010 Implementation

When I was the BT intranet manager I was heavily involved in the strategy, plans and implementation of SharePoint 2010 for the last 12 months I was there. It was the biggest change to BT’s intranet since it was created 15 years before. It was a ‘work in progress’ as BT migrated all its existing content from the publishing tools it is using now for accredited and collaborative content.

How to measure the value of SharePoint 2010

You have developed a strategy (How to develop a SharePoint 2010 strategy) and built a governance framework (How to build SharePoint 2010 governance). You have got the buy-in from your senior business representatives (stakeholders) and agreed on your implementation plan that factors in the benefits and drawbacks of different approaches.

Michael Rasmussen on the “Big Data” Compliance Challenge

This is a topic many businesses are wrestling with without the full understanding of how “big data” is affecting compliance.

Is your SharePoint Platform Content-Aware?

We know Microsoft SharePoint makes it easy to create and collaborate on content. And we also know that this results in an explosion of unstructured content, ranging from email to documents to blogs; all with the intention of having a collaborative conversation. SharePoint has also become core to operations with businesses increasingly making it their enterprise content management (ECM) system of choice.

Notes from the Road: SharePoint Customer Journey


This week I’m on the road across the UK to discuss the SharePoint Customer Journey. After my first day with fellow presenters from Metalogix and KnowledgeLake, it is clear that migrating content into SharePoint is an issue. Both presenters have highlighted that it’s generally better that content is in SharePoint and the audience agreed as well. These companies come at SharePoint from two different perspectives – Metalogix to get the content into SharePoint and KnowledgeLake to find, capture, automate business processes and save content.

On the Road with SharePoint

I always wanted to be a rock and roll star.

More specifically, the lead man in a band with legions of followers who hung on every guitar lick and spent way too much time thinking about the lyrics I sang. I dreamed of “riding that train” with Jerry, Janis and The Band, jamming and well… Alas, personal responsibility, a lack of musical talent, and the need to eat something more than veggie burritos on Shakedown Street, killed my rock and roll dream.

Or so I thought.

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